IMAGE’23 is the energy industry’s most important geosciences event, gathering a community of energy leaders that guide and shape our future.
In addition to the traditional topics in petroleum geoscience at IMAGE, discover new content areas uncovering the hottest science, market trends, and opportunities.

MJ is a proud sponsor of the URTeC 2023

The Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTeC) is a premier event focused on the latest science and technology applied to exploration and development of unconventional resources, with special emphasis on integration of the technical/professional disciplines.


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MJ has an unrivaled well log library of over 3 million wells. We have all the recent wells, and legacy well logs no other vendor has access to.
Our well log library is FREE to browse and view well log headers. No subscription or membership fees.
LAS is sold by the curve, not the well or the log. You choose, and pay for, only the curves you need.
LAS is application ready and works seamlessly in the applications you already use.
Our Raster Well Logs are application ready and work seamlessly with the applications you already use and are downloadable 24/7.
You can order as many or as few well logs or LAS curves as you require. You do not need to subscribe to the world.
We also have discounted packages and volume discounts and we are easy to deal with.
If you are using well logs you should be looking at MJ Logs.

MJ LAS is the Best!

LAS Display

Any raster log in our industry leading well log library is available as LAS. MJ’s digitized LAS is the best quality: Finest original source logs – MJ’s raster well logs were created from the original source documents using MJ’s industry leading QC procedures. MJ’s…

MJ Raster Well Logs, WLS to GGX/GVERSE workflow

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MJ depth registered raster well logs load seamlessly into GGX/GVERSE simplifying your data acquisition and allowing you to focus on what is important. There is a video of the workflow. Depth Registered Raster Well Logs can be downloaded and imported into GeoGraphix in…

Search and download well logs using WLS

Well Search

MJ’s over 3 million well logs are available as Raster and LAS and can be searched and downloaded 24/7. MJ Well Logs are available through wls.mjlogs.com. Sign up is free ! Search for wells by API, state, county, Township/Range, etc. Use the map interface or…