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LAS / Digitizing

MJ Logs provides complete LAS Digitizing. You specify the curves you would like and MJ provides the LAS. Order by the well, by the log or by the curve. MJ Logs utilizes over 50 years of experience working with the various vintages of well logs and curve types to ensure you receive the LAS you want.

LAS Highlights

MJ’s digitized LAS is the highest quality due to the following:

Finest original source logs – MJ’s raster well logs were created from the original source documents using MJ’s industry leading QC

  • MJ’s accurate depth registrations – completed on all logs by highly trained and experienced staff.
  • Most complete LAS Well Header Information.
  • Standard digitizing sample rate is 0.5 feet but can be customized as per customer’s request.
  • Industry leading LAS production QC procedures, including:
    • All LAS is overlaid on raster well logs resulting in optimum quality curves.
    • All curves go through a three-step quality control process and are validated for LAS standards.
  • Digits include the full interval of the selected curves.
  • All LAS is application ready and integrates seamlessly into Petra, Kingdom, Seisware, Golden software, Petrel, GeoGraphix, NeuraSection,
    Landmark software, geoSCOUT, and any other geological/geophysical/LAS application.

MJ provides significant added value to its LAS customers as follows:

  • All related curves for a specific log type are merged into a single curve, significantly reducing a user’s cost, work load and duplication.
  • No additional charge for corrections.
  • Custom curve selection – pay for the curves you want (not every possible curve available).
  • MJ provides its customers excellent Customer Support from experienced Customer Service staff.
  • Highest quality digitization.


MJ Logs has been gathering well logs all over North America since 1971. We have assembled one of the industry’s most complete, highest quality, depth registered Raster Well Log and LAS libraries. This tremendous collection contains over 3 million wells and 7 million Raster Logs and LAS. Areas are constantly updated, keeping the library current and up to date. Sign up to our Well Library Search System, for FREE, to search for wells and view the log headers.

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MJ offers exceptional quality and completeness

We take great pride in producing the highest quality LAS in the industry. For more information, please contact us to speak to someone about your needs. We look forward to assisting you!