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Raster Well Logs & LAS

The highest quality affordable depth registered raster well logs and LAS available.

MJ LAS is the Best!


LAS Display

Any raster log in our industry leading well log library is available as LAS.

MJ’s digitized LAS is the best quality:

  • Finest original source logs – MJ’s raster well logs were created from the original source documents using MJ’s industry leading QC procedures.
  • MJ’s accurate depth registrations – done for all logs by highly trained and experienced staff.
  • Most complete LAS Header Information.
  • Standard digitizing sample rate is per 0.5 feet but can be customized as per customer’s request.
  • Industry leading LAS production QC procedures.
  • All LAS overlaid on raster well logs for optimum quality assurance.
  • All LAS goes through a three-step quality control process and are validated for LAS standards.
  • View our comprehensive well log coverage at (sign up is free)
  • Video of WLS – Well Library Search

MJ’s digitized LAS is the best value:

  • MJ Logs lets clients pick just the curves they want. We do not insist that a client take all curves for a log or a well. Only pick the curves that you need and only pay for the curves you pick.
  • Clients can order the selected curves they want for just one well, or they can select just the curves they want for a dozen wells, or as many wells as they want. If the curve count gets to a level where we can recommend one of our LAS Club Web subscriptions then they also get the advantage of a reduced price per curve based on volume.
  • That’s Flexible!
  • For more information contact MJ.