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MJ Rent-A-Log Options


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Whether you need access to Depth Registered Raster Logs for a short term evaluation of a property for Acquisition or Divestiture or a longer term annual all access plan for multiple users, MJ Logs has a very  affordable option for any size company working any size area.

You will be surprised at how affordable a group of counties or an entire basin with unlimited access for your geoscience team might be and you will have options at the end of the rental period to acquire permanent use of some or all Logs at highly discounted rates.

Access to the entire Rent-A-Log area will be through MJ Logs WLS (Well Library Search) System. WLS includes information on 7 million high quality depth registered raster Logs. Users can search, filter, and instantly download any wells that you wish during the term of the rental period.

About Rent-A-Log

  • Choose a multi-year all access Rent-A-Log subscription for any size company working any size area.
  • Choose a short term 60-day Subscription to evaluate Properties for Acquisition or Divestiture. This option can be extended.
  • Access to the logs will be through MJ Logs WLS (Well Library Search) at
  • WLS is used to search, filter and Download MJ well logs instantly 24/7. WLS Video
  • Access can be by multiple users from multiple offices.
  • Annual charges are calculated based on the size of the area so please call for a quote.
  • Any wells a client wishes to keep at the end of the Rent-A-Log term can be acquired for permanent use at a discount and kept forever.
  • Gives you access to the most complete, highest quality library of Depth Registered “RASTER” logs available.
  • Use the MJ Raster Logs to select individual log curves for digitizing by MJ at very favorable prices.