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WLS Short Term Rent-A-Log Offering


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With our industry in a prolonged period of restructuring; MJ Logs is offering a highly flexible cost-saving service to organizations evaluating acquisitions at very competitive prices. Our new MJ Rent-A-Log program provides short term access to areas of interest so companies can determine the potential of the assets they are evaluating. Rent-A-Log allows acquisition teams to examine wells that may not be in data room packages. This will give the team a better, more regional picture as a critical part of their evaluation.

Rent-A-Log is provided on a basin by basin basis for a 60 day term. After 60 days the client has the option of purchasing those wells they wish to keep at favorable prices, or to extend the term for an additional 60 days.

These are uncertain times. COVID-19 has undoubtedly affected the industry, and we wanted to make you aware of us as we are actively promoting our flexibility so companies like yours don’t feel the pressure of a monthly subscription that costs $$$. In fact, it’s what we’ve been doing since 1971 and why we’re trusted in the industry.

The MJ Log library is unrivaled in its coverage and quality with over 3,000,000 wells and 7,000,000 logs. If you want to get started right away check out our Well Library Search System for your AOI. 

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