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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an annual fee to access MJ's Logs?

MJ has no annual fee requirements or commitments. Browse our log library and view log headers at for free. Order Rasters and LAS as needed, when needed.

How do I request a quote or order Raster Logs and LAS?

Orders and quotes can be requested directly through our online Well Library Search System,
or by emailing or

How can I tell what wells and logs MJ has.

WLS is our Well Library Search System. Browse our entire well log library, see what logs are available, view the log headers, request quotes and download rasters 24/7. Sign up is free at

Do MJ's Raster Logs work in the geological software I use?

All of our raster logs are depth registered and load seamlessly into industry preferred geological applications. (Petra, GeoGraphix, Petrel, Kingdom, GeoWebWorks, NeuraSection, geoSCOUT, gdcCLOUD, Golden Software, GeoScience Software, and many other geological and graphics applications.). Order and download MJ Raster Well Logs for use in your application.

I don't have a program to view Raster Logs. Does MJ have Software?

MJ has the LogSleuth program. LogSleuth manages, displays, prints and exports MJ’s well logs. You can pick tops, import well data, correlate logs, print multiple logs and save Qwik Sections. LogSleuth makes it simple to view, compare, analyze, print and export well logs.

Will MJ produce LAS from customer supplied well logs?

MJ will digitize client provided well logs into high quality LAS.

Are MJ's Raster Well Logs depth calibrated?

All of our Raster Well Logs are depth calibrated. We provide depth registrations (depth calibrations) for all raster well logs in the library. We do not just depth register top and bottom of the well log, but utilizing the extensive data recorded by our registration process, we straighten and correct for scale over the full length of registered depth intervals.

Can I order just the wells I need?

You can order as few or as many wells as you need. Order from a user created list, or a geographically defined area, or by county, basin or state.

Does MJ offer package deals?

Several options are available, including Volume Discounts, prepaid Club Web packages,
and Rentals. Contact us at or 1-800-310-6451 for details.

Do you have a different question?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. Ask your question and we will respond promptly!