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Q: I received an email that my TrueLog logs are ready for download. How do I retrieve them?

A: The email will contain instructions for retrieving the well logs from our secure portal. TrueLogs are also downloadable from our WLS site. If you would like assistance or more information contact us.

Q: What is a Raster Well Log?

MJ’s raster well logs are industry standard g4 compression .tif files. All industry applications for geoscientists accept our raster well logs.

Q: What sets MJ’s LAS apart from the competition?

MJ’s digitized LAS is the highest quality because:

  • Finest original source logs – MJ’s raster well logs are created from the original source documents using MJ’s industry leading QC procedures.
  • MJ’s accurate depth registrations – done for all logs by highly trained and experienced staff.
  • Most complete LAS Header Information.
  • Standard digitizing sample rate is per 0.5 feet but can be customized as per customer’s request.
  • Industry leading LAS production QC procedures, including
    • All LAS is overlaid on raster well logs for optimum quality assurance.
    • All LAS goes through a three-step quality control process.
  • Include the full interval of the curves selected.
  • MJ LAS is application ready.

MJ also provides significant added value to its LAS customers because:

  • All runs of a curve are merged into a single curve. This significantly reduces a user’s cost, work load and duplication.
  • No additional charge for corrections.
  • Custom curve selection – you only pay for the curves you want (not every possible curve available)
  • MJ offers its customers excellent Customer Support from experienced Customer Service staff.
  • MJ provides industries Highest quality well log digitization.
Q: What is MJ's Well Library Search (WLS)

MJ has millions of well logs available as Raster Well Logs and LAS that can be searched and rasters can be downloaded 24/7. Sign up is free ! Click for detailed information.

Q: Do MJ's Depth Registered TrueLogs work with popular geological software?

TrueLogs combine our high quality raster well log images, with the accuracy and detail of our depth registrations, delivering application ready well logs. Depth Registered TrueLogs load seamlessly into industry preferred geological applications. (Petra, Geographix, Kingdom, etc) Order and download depth registered TrueLogs for use in your application. Click for more information.

Q: How are MJ well logs licensed.

Once you license a Well from MJ, you can use it in perpetuity according to the terms of the license agreement. For more information contacts us.

Q: Does MJ have Raster Logs and LAS for all wells?

We have raster logs for all of the wells on our library. We have LAS for many of the wells in the library and can promptly digitize any well logs you require.

Q: What makes MJ’s depth registrations so accurate?

Our well log depth registration staff have with many years of registration experience. MJ provides depth registrations (depth calibrations) for all raster well logs in the library.  We do not just depth register top and bottom of the well log, utilizing the extensive data recorded by the MJ registration process, we straighten and correct for scale over the full length of registered depth intervals.

Q. What is the difference between TrueLog and LogSleuth raster well logs?

The format of the two are basically the same – MJ’s high quality depth registrations allow for each of the options to be straightened and corrected for scale.  TrueLog comes to you in an application ready format. 

LogSleuth logs are used in our LogSleuth software and may be exported to your geological application of choice.

Q. What is an MJ "Club Web" ?

A: Club Web is a reduced rate, prepaid, one year subscription to order wells or LAS curves as they are required. Either raster wells or LAS curves can be ordered one at time or many at a time.   The wells can be ordered in any area MJ has well log coverage.

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