MJ launched the Well Library Search Site (WLS) early this year. Since then we have been continually enhancing and improving it.


Core features

  • Present MJ’s library of over 2.1 million wells on a map for ease of selection and ordering.
  • Locate wells by State, County, API, Twp/Rng, Lat/Long, TX Abstract.
  • View log headers.
  • Filter well searches by depth and/or log type.
  • Load a list of API numbers from a text file.
  • Lasso a group of well spots and add them to a quote list. Browse through the wells displaying the well information and log headers.
  • Request a quote for your selection of wells.


  • Added the PLSS grid lines to the map for all states except Texas.
  • Added the Abstract grid lines to the map for Texas.
  • Latitude Longitude is always displayed in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Well spots appear at a sooner zoom level.
  • Ability to search by township, range and section.
  • Ability to search by Texas Abstract.
  • Ability to search by Latitude, Longitude.
  • Added a County search tab where you can sort and search within a list of wells. This is quite useful for locating Texas wells that do not have enough location information to be plotted on the map.

wls.mjlogs.com  – it is free, signup required