MJ has introduced Club Web subscriptions for LAS. The subscriptions are for a specific number of LAS Curves and include complimentary Raster Well Logs. Prepay for an allotment of LAS curves that you can order as needed, over a one year period at a discounted rate, with the option to roll over leftover LAS curves for another year. MJ Logs licensing provides clients with a perpetual license to keep the LAS Curves forever. MJ’s Log library contains 7 million high quality Raster Well Logs with many already digitized LAS Curves. We are continually digitizing more curves. 

About our LAS

  • MJ provides the log images to digitize from our library of 7 million high quality
    “Depth Registered Raster Well Logs”
  • Client specifies the curves they want digitized and MJ provides the LAS files
  • MJ merges all intervals and log runs to give the client the full curve from top to
  • MJ overlays every curve on the Raster as part of our quality control process
  • MJ industry leading Depth Registrations allow for the most accurate tracing
  • MJ delivers the industry’s most complete Header information
  • MJ Logs licensing provides clients with a perpetual license to keep the
    curves forever
  • MJ curve format is LAS 2.0 Industry Standard with a sample rate every .5 feet
  • MJ offers excellent Customer Support and has over 40 years of experience
    working with all various vintages of log curve types
  • MJ pays attention to all the details for the clients to start working with and
    analyzing the LAS Data right away with no clean up.
  • MJ quality control and validation process ensures correct, complete and
    application ready LAS Files
  • MJ offers very economical rates.

Contact MJ Logs at 1-800-310-6451 | www.mjlogs.com | esales@mjlogs.com