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The LogSleuth Format is a combination of MJ Systems LogSleuth software, the log image, and the depth registration formatted for use with LogSleuth.

Key Advantages

  • LogSleuth has a bulk export function and direct connect capability to allow clients to move logs around to industry preferred mapping and cross-section packages quickly and easily.

  • Each well log includes all available scales, headers, scale blocks and repeat sections.

  • LogSleuth can annotate logs with tops, cores, DST's, Perf's and remarks.

  • LogSleuth is used to download log orders.

  • LogSleuth can display multiple logs from multiple wells, side by side in a cross-section layout.

  • The LogSleuth format keeps track of every well that a client orders and notes duplicates which can be filtered out of future client orders.

  • LogSleuth Format logs can be rented.

  • On-Line log header library.

  • On-Line searchable catalog.

  • Best log coverage available.

LogSleuth Quick Highlights:

  • Quickly retrieve and display log images
  • Produce and save Qwik Sections
  • Display log images at quarter, half, full, and double size
  • Import, display and export tops on registered logs
  • Print and export logs using "TrueGrid" Technology (correct & straighten logs)


Raster Image Well Logs

Learn more about the quality and formats of Depth Registered Raster Images Well Logs that MJ Systems offers.

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MJ Systems Depth Registered Raster Image Well Logs and LogSleuth software make well log examination more efficient, functional and affordable.

LogSleuth works with industry preferred mapping and geological applications like Petra, GeoGraphix, geoSCOUT, GeoVista, GeoWebWorks, KINGDOM, NeuraLog, GeoScience Software, Strata, NeuraSection, ESRI, and more. Well data can be imported from industry data sources and in industry recognized formats.

LogSleuth runs on Windows 7, 8 and 10 (32 and 64).

Program Features/Highlights
  • Quickly display Raster Image Well Logs at quarter, half, full, and double size.
  • Export Raster Image Well Logs for use in any graphical application that accepts industry standard image files.
  • Print multiple log images at any size.
  • Select multiple logs from multiple wells to correlate by depth, subsea or formation, either independently, or locked together.
  • Manage wells and logs in user-defined projects.
  • Import, display and export tops on registered logs.
  • Add or edit tops, cores, perforations, DST's, text annotations and color fills.
  • Calculate gross and net thicknesses.
  • Export tops data, thicknesses, and curve values to other programs.
  • Use "TrueGrid" Technology to correct and straighten exported and printed logs.
  • Register a log's depths, header, scale blocks and horizontal scales.
  • Digitize specific intervals to CSV files.
  • Save displayed logs in a Qwik Section for future retrieval.
  • Automatically download log purchases and new log releases.
  • Query the MJ master log library through LogSleuth. Determine if MJ has the well, what logs there are, and if and when the logs are available. If the well is not located, LogSleuth can produce a research request which MJ will answer (usually within one business day).

Well Log Analysis Made Easy

LogSleuth is a computer program that manages, displays, prints and exports Raster Image Well Logs purchased from MJ Systems. LogSleuth is used to pick tops, import well data, correlated logs, print multiple logs or save as Qwik Sections. LogSleuth makes it simple to view, compare and analyze Raster Image Well Logs and manage libraries of any size.