Raster Well Log Analysis Made Easy

Our LogSleuth formatted Raster Well Logs use our LogSleuth software making well log examination efficient, functional and affordable.
LogSleuth manages, displays, prints and exports MJ’s well logs. You can pick tops, import well data, correlate logs, print multiple logs or save Qwik Sections. MJ LogSleuth makes it simple to view, compare,analyze, print and export.

LogSleuth Highlights

  • LogSleuth works with industry preferred mapping and geological applications like Petra, GeoGraphix, geoSCOUT, gDC Cloud, GeoWebWorks, KINGDOM, NeuraLog, Strater, NeuraSection, Petrel, GeoScience Software and more.
  • Well data can be imported from industry data sources and in industry recognized formats.
  • With the export functionality you can quickly and easily move logs to industry preferred mapping and geological applications.
  • Each well log includes the header, all available scales, scale blocks and repeat sections.
  • Annotate raster well logs with tops, cores, DST’s, Perf’s and remarks.
  • LogSleuth can automatically download your well log orders.
  • Display multiple well logs from multiple wells, side by side in a cross-section layout.
  • Helps you manage your raster well log data efficiently.
  • Well logs for LogSleuth can be purchased or rented.